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#TFNY: Brick Construction Gets a Rubik’s Cube Twist with RUBIK’S BRIKS…


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When it comes to toys, after years of growth the construction/building category took a hit in 2017, with sales falling 6%. As Toy Fair approaches, toymakers will no doubt be looking to rebound from that, and one way to do that is to innovate. Strictly Briks is bringing the iconic Rubik’s Cube into the brick construction universe, reimagining it as four-sided bricks across three distinct product lines geared toward kids aged 4-7, 5-12 and 10+. RUBIK’S BRIKS will debut with sets that go beyond typical building by challenging kids with 3D Modeling, colorful pixel images and Puzzles. Here’s a quick look at some of the sets they’ll be offering beginning in the fall of 2018…

Rubik’s Briks: 3D Play – Progressive Challenge Levels • $14.99-$29.99 • Ages 6+ and 8+ Each 3D Play Set comes with instructions to build 3 different designs: invite Giraffe, Camel or Penguin to the kitchen table with these adorable building sets that wow kids right before their eyes! Or build your Race Car, Dump Truck or Plane! Open the box and spill out up to 150 3D Briks with a 2×2 (stud or anti-stud) design on each face. Each patent pending 3D Brik is fully compatible with all leading brands of brick construction toys and allows the user to build with cubes.

Rubik’s Briks: 3D Play Learning Cube • $24.99 • Ages 4-10 STEM learning is easily grasped as kids accept this challenge of adding hinges to baseplates to build a cube or other 3D build area. Combine with 150 letter and number bricks to read, write, message and do math all while playing. Each set makes one educational cube comprised of 6- hinged 2-sided baseplates measuring 6.5” x 6.5” with 150 Tile Briks. 

Strictly Briks Rubik's Briks

Rubik’s Briks: 3D Play Brik Cube • $14.99 • Ages 8+ Well this looks familiar! The 3D cube modeling system with Rubik’s colors result in a solution that looks like the original global sensation of years ago. Connect 27 Briks plus 54 Rubik’s Colored Tile Briks with a little help from the enclosed instructions. This is not only a toy, but also a great desk ornament for the “kids” that grew up with the original Rubik’s Cube.

Rubik’s Briks: Pixels – Level 1 • $19.99 • Ages 4+ Budding artists can create a mosaic image built on brickbuilding baseplates using plastic tiles in Rubik’s colors. This kit includes about 300 2x 2 Tile Briks plus a 32×32 (10” x 10”) baseplate. Each set can produce 4 mosaic images.

Rubik’s Briks: Pixels – Level 2 • $19.99 • Ages 8+ Ready for more? This set offers about 800 1×1 Tile Briks plus a 32×32 (10” x 10”) baseplate. Each set can create 3 mosaic images. Plus Build Your Creativity to make anything you can dream up! Keep in mind that Strictly Briks Tiles are fully compatible with all leading brands of brick construction toys!

Rubik’s Briks: Pixel Puzzles – Level 1, 2 & 3 • $19.99 • Ages 4-7, Ages 5-12 and Ages 10+ Follow the instructions to complete these puzzles and say hello a parrot, dog, spaceship or waterfall, among other designs. Ideal for the whole family, with three levels of play to keep everyone from 4-year-olds to teens engaged with varying levels of difficulty depending on the size of the tile and design of the image. Each set produces one puzzle. Three sizes, each in several styles: 20×20 designs: Parrot, Dog and Flower with bee; 30×30 designs: spaceship, waterfall, plane; 45×45 designs: space scene, waterfall, sailboat.

Rubik’s Briks: 20×20 (6” x 6”) Baseplates • $11.99 • Ages 4+ Rubik’s Briks: 32×32 (10” x 10”) Baseplates • $24.99 • Ages 4+ Consider these the home base for any of your Rubik’s Briks items. These baseplates are in Rubik’s colors of Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow. Choose from a full set of 32×32 (10” x 10”) or 20×20 (6” x 6”) baseplates.

Parents, teachers, retailers and wholesalers can discover the entire line of Strictly Briks toys and games online at strictlybriks.com and Amazon.com. They also sell on Amazon international marketplaces in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

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