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The Burton Bulb Brings a New Twist to Neo-Vintage LED Lighting…

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It’s cold here in Northern Illinois, and as a fresh couple inches of snow covers the ground today following a near-60° warm-up just days ago, cabin fever is setting in as I think about spending some time outdoors when spring rolls around. I’m a big fan of lighting (my wife can vouch for my years of trial-and-error), and lately my eyes have been on the “Neo-Vintage” LED movement – modern tech that looks like the Edison bulbs of old. As that corner of the industry continues to evolve, it’s interesting to see just how close we’ve come to LED bulbs that have the appearance of their incandescent ancestors, but the path hasn’t been without some hiccups. One such glitch is the flicker – a hyper-strobe effect that usually can’t be seen with the naked eye. This is something the LEDs have been known for, and something that’s bugged me for years – particularly with seasonal lighting. If you’ve ever shot video of certain LEDs (Christmas lights are a prime example), you’ve seen the dramatic effect. Now comes The Burton Bulb, and they’re aiming to fix all of that with flickerless Neo-Vintage LED tech.

Burton Bulb String Lights

Following two years of testing, The Burton Bulb has launched on Kickstarter, touted as being “the only vintage LED lightbulb that has True Color Dimming and Flickerless LED Technology.” Additionally, it’s said to have crossover potential for many applications including theater, film, HD television, commercial, and personal use while solving the problems of poor color, excess flicker, and an inability to dim that you find in older versions of LED bulbs.

“Vintage Edison-style lighting design trends continue to grow in popularity,” explains Burton Vargas-Chambers, Founder and CEO of Burton Lighting. “As a result, interior designers have been forced to compromise with high energy costs and high heat to achieve their nostalgic, vintage look. This has left homeowners, restauranteurs, hoteliers, and many others with high electricity bills.” See Burton’s pitch reel below…

Check out the Kickstarter for pre-order packages and some cool perks, or hit the Burton Lighting website for additional details.

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