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The Canine Crew of Rock Father HQ: Switching things up for Old Dogs, Old Tricks

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THE ROCK FATHER has been compensated for this #BrightMind adventure by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. All opinions and experiences are that of James Zahn, his family and his dogs.

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food at PetSmart

While you might already know the human side of our family, here at Rock Father HQ there’s also a few pets. There’s Lula, of course, the fish named for the whale on DOC McSTUFFINS, and then there’s the two dogs – Harry and Rocky. My wife named both of them, and while I don’t think there’s any definitive reason why “Rocky” is Rocky, Harry’s full name is Harry Potter, based on some Wizarding books that I’ve never read (my wife is a fan). It’s weird to think of our dogs as “Senior Dogs,” but at 13 & 14-ish, that’s what they are. In fact, dogs are considered to be “Senior” at age seven! The experts at Purina Pro Plan say that the glucose metabolism in a dog’s brain begins to change around age seven, and that change can have effects on memory, learning, awareness and decision making. With the release of their new Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind dog foods, they’re including enhanced botanical oils that have been shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7+ “with visible results within 30 days.” That was intriguing enough for me to take Harry to PetSmart (his favorite store) to start the switch for him and his older “brother.”

Harry hasn’t seemed to be much different with age… but is he? Living with him for all this time, it’s sometimes hard to think of what changes could’ve occurred over many years – but if switching his dog food truly shows some differences within 30 days, it should be easy to notice because the space is so condensed. 

Harry at PetSmart

On our PetSmart run, Harry and I picked up a couple of bags of the Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind – enough for a full 30 day supply, plus a week to do the switchover – always good to mix the new and the old so you don’t mess with the routine too drastically. Our local PetSmart has a full Purina aisle, so finding the food would’ve been easy on its own – but two PetSmart associates asked if they could assist and then led us to its location.


The Purina Pro Plan experts also say that dog owners who feed Senior dogs Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind on a daily basis could also see differences in owner-dog interaction and interest in play… 

Harry and The Rock Father

Stay tuned for Part II… but in the meantime, check out more about Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind and make a plan for your dog on their official site.

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