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I have a interesting personal anecdote involving THE CULT… Some years ago, in the not-so-distant past, I’d written a screenplay that a ”producer” wanted CULT frontman Ian Astbury to be a part of. Using a friend of mine who is a friend (and past collaborator) of Astbury as the channel, said ”producer” (a term to be used in an exceptionally loose manner) pushed the issue (being a big fan of THE CULT), and Astbury apparently read the script – and to my understanding, hated it.

My friend called me and said, ‘‘Ian will never be a part of this film,” which to me was a great relief – because I am not a fan of THE CULT, and I felt that the idea of Ian being placed in my film was really being forced upon me. I respect them, find them tolerable, and think they have a couple of good songs, but as a whole, I just never got into them at all. In fact, I picked up a couple of their albums used, and ended up reselling them on a garage sale. What I do enjoy is Astbury’s work with THE DOORS, but in a weird way, knowing that someone I’m not a fan of is not a fan of me is something I dig very much. 

My reason for sharing said story is that THE CULT has announced a tour with THE MISSION and KILLING JOKE, and I love KILLING JOKE.  Here’s the announcement that landed here at The Rock Father HQ this morning…

Sponsor Message:

‘Live Nation are thrilled to announce that three of the most incendiary bands from the Alt Rock Era are coming together to tour Arenas throughout the UK this September. The Cult, The Mission and Killing Joke will be hitting the road together for the first time in celebration of the dazzling trails they’ve continually blazed through the musical landscape since their respective inceptions. This incredible tour, the likes of which hasn’t been seen before, will be hitting arenas in Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and London. The Cult, The Mission and Killing Joke tickets will go on sale on Friday 23rd March at 9am and will be available from” 

I’d go see this tour.

And, for those that are wondering, my film was never made but it might be one day

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