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I spent the past week cruising around the Midwest in a Black 2015 Lexus GS350 F-Sport, falling in love with Lexus engineering and appropriately speeding along while thinking about the future. When it comes to the future, 1989’s BACK TO THE FUTURE II sure planted some seeds of things to come, and this October, when the date arrives that the fictional Marty McFly would’ve traveled to, many will look back on the innovations that really did arrive as predicted by that film. Perhaps none have had as lasting an impact as the Mattel Hoverboard that was featured in the film – for years a punchline, and later made into a non-functioning “Prop Replica” sold through, last year the Hoverboard was the inspiration for an elaborate hoax carried out by Funny Or Die and featuring Tony Hawk. Who could’ve predicted that it would be Lexus who would create the first true, working Hoverboard – and that they’d been working on it while others were creating fakes. The Lexus Hoverboard is called SLIDE, and it’s here…

While this won’t be coming to a store near you at any point in the near future (limited functionality), this is the first major step toward new movement – while using technology that’s previously-existed, but in new ways. Be sure to check out the nine-video playlist above to see more from the Lexus Slide, or check out the official site

Now, since we know that they built a functioning Hoverpark in Barcelona, Spain… how long till we can get one in the U.S?

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