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510x-4Ha0-L. AA115 THE MELVINS won’t be picking up any new listeners with the release of SUGAR DADDY LIVE (out May 31, 2011 via Ipecac), but at this stage in the game that’s hardly the point. This new 13-track set recorded live at The Busta-Guts club in Downey, California is a cornicopia of tracks from their more recent albums, peppered with a few old favorites.

This is a collection geared toward the hardcore MELVINS fan – those likely to have seen the band back before King Buzzo’s hair took on it’s silvery sheen. The band is thunderous as always, the performance locked pussy-tight for maximum action. If you dig your rock gritty and heavy, chances are you’re already lining up for this one. My biggest gripe? A more diverse set list would’ve been appreciated, but there’s plenty of additional live material out there for that.

Rating: 3.5/5

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