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misfitsdevilThere’s a segment of listeners loyal to the old-school lineup of THE MISFITS that are really going to hate THE DEVIL’S RAIN. It’s definitely a MISFITS record, but it’s a new-school MISFITS record that moves beyond that of even their late 90’s works. By far the most slickly-produced collection of songs from the long-running horrorpunk outfit, and the first full-length set of new tunes since 1999, this is very much like Misfits: Mach 3. The often-imitated elements of horror, sleaze, and rock n roll are here – but they’ve been given a 21st Century overhaul.

“The Devil’s Rain” is the judgment of all others who stand before us, like a prophecy. The old B-movie was an influence to some of the lyrics, but the song itself is as if the heavens opened and swallowed our enemies. They have…and a new “rain” of terror begins” – Jerry Only

From the ominous thunder that opens the record on the title track, the mood is set for October goodness. With songs like Land of the Dead (previously released as a single), Curse of the Mummy’s Hand, Ghost of Frankenstein, Dark Shadows, and Jack the Ripper – THE DEVIL’S RAIN is a worthy addition to your Halloween Music Playlist.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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