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Netflix #StreamTeamI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: My “recently-watched” and “recommended for” sections of my Netflix dashboard are completely dominated by children’s programming. Yes, as a card-carrying member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I’m more than aware that I could choose “KIDS” as a sign-in option, or create a new profile just for the munchkins – but I’m never one to take the easiest path, so I roll with it. While I bring you news on Netflix content periodically throughout each month, my formal column for May falls firmly in the hands of THE ROCK DAUGHTERS, Adalyn and Finley. What are they watching (with guidance from Mommy and Daddy)? Let’s just say that a few of this month’s choices are very close to my heart as well…


In the interest of “disclosure” and all, yes, THE ROCK FATHER (yours truly) is also a Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person) Brand Ambassador. That in no way influences the fact that the girls are completely and utterly enthralled by all-things Lalaloopsy. Joining previous releases including Lalaloopsy Babies First Steps, Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land, Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to L.A.L.A. Prep, Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show and Lala-Oopsies: A Sew Magical Tale is LALALOOPSY: THE FESTIVAL OF SUGARY SWEETS. We already have the toys, so the arrival of this special adventure on Netflix has been a treat – one enjoyed by the girls on more than a few occasions.


Seeing the latest Tinker Bell adventure pop-up on Netflix was exciting, not just because the girls are totally into it (Disney Fairies’ artwork adorns one wall of Addie’s bedroom), but because I was part of the Disney Press Group that helped promote the launch of this film earlier this year. ONCE UPON A TIME’s Ginnifer Goodwin (who I interviewed, here) voices the Animal Fairy, Fawn, in a tale of acceptance for those who are different. It’s a cute movie that should definitely find a bigger audience here. Grownups may enjoy it as well, but bring tissues. Yes, I cried at one point during this film.


Back in the 80s, I loved watching Mr. Wizard’s World on Nickelodeon. In the 90s, kids got a similar taste of the cool worlds of science with BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY on PBS. This was an era prior to all the talk of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and with such a focus on that curriculum now, Bill Nye is more relevant than ever. There’s 31 episodes posted on Netflix to enjoy, and we’ll be digging-in a bit more when school is out for summer (Alice Cooper reference!). 


With the entire family being so into STAR WARS REBELS, now is the time to catch up on THE CLONE WARS, which I personally never got into (more of a “time” factor than anything), which is streaming in its entirety – including THE LOST MISSIONS. With THE CLONE WARS being deemed official Canon in the STAR WARS universe, and characters like Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano making the jump into REBELS, we’re all enjoying learning more of their backstory.


We’ve been into Craig Gerber’s tale of an unlikely princess since day one. Now, with the Disney Junior hit available just about anywhere, the kids have access to SOFIA THE FIRST on Netflix, despite us already having every DVD that’s been released – and the fact that it airs daily on TV and is on-demand. Funny thing is, Little Miss Finley will actually specify “I want to watch SOFIA on Netflix.” And watch it she does… daily.

nfjuliusJULIUS JR.

A new entry into our viewing routine, this Nickelodeon series based on the artwork of PAUL FRANK is cute. Stories of friendship wrapped with a foot-stomping soundtrack make this little monkey a lot of fun. The girls actually gave me a lengthy dissertation about the similarities between JULIUS JR. and PBS KIDS’ CURIOUS GEORGE (also on Netflix) the other day… constantly returning to their main point – they’re both monkeys.

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