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Since Isaiah Mustafa first graced television screens draped in a towel and delivering that now-iconic “Hello Ladies” back in 2010, I’ve been obsessed with his series of Old Spice commercials. Hundreds of millions of views (and parodies by MARVEL and ” target=”_blank”>SESAME STREET) later, I’m hardly alone – they’re fantastic – so as a half-decade has since passed, I’ve looked forward to new commercials featuring Mustafa… and his nemesis, Terry Crews. As part of my own sometimes-bizarre life of adventure and things that are increasingly hard to explain at family gatherings, I was excited when Old Spice and Life of Dad asked me to partner with them to make a #Smellmitment to the brand. Sadly, they were not seeking to pit The Rock Father’s mighty “keg” against the “six-pack” abs of Mustafa and Crews, but what they did get is something that few would’ve expected – that it would be one of The Rock Daughters™ that just might prove to be the undoing of both myself and the smooth-talking, horse-riding Isaiah. Timber, Swagger and Bearglove can help a gentleman improve their mansmells, with the choice being an important one – different scents for different gents. 

I get offered a ton of interview opportunities and tend to turn them down due to logistics… particularly the 3 & 6-year-old sidekicks that I so often find at my side. When a rare conversation does occur, I recently found that the proper solution was to step aside and let the girls take over – in this case, Addie. “I’ve been interviewed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and up in the past, “ assured Isaiah Mustafa, a fellow “Rock Father” to a teen girl himself. Through giggle after giggle, young Addie proceeded to tell him how much she enjoyed his work in the fish tank (“That was the other guy!,” he told her) and how funny it was when his head popped out of the horse (“That was also the other guy, but that’s okay,” he said). After  our discussion devolved into a mass of maniacal laughter from the preschooler and first grader here at Rock Father HQ met by confusion in the legendary halls of Old Spice HQ, Mustafa did indeed serve up the perfect scent for a Rock Father being climbed-upon by two children who had every intention of knocking him down and tying him up like Gulliver’s Travels… SWAGGER.

Actually, an anonymous representative from Old Spice may have delivered the perfect explanation of what exactly is happening here  (via Facebook): “It takes a village to raise a child and a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to gently persuade that now-grown-up child toward a specific deodorant scent.

Who knew that several of those dollars would be paid to me, and that it would actually be the man who your man could smell like that would lead me too make my firm #Smellmitment to Swagger.  Though, when you think about it, all the scents are great, and that’s exactly the message brought forth in the big finale of the Terry Crews vs. Isaiah Mustafa feud:

Want to help your man make a proper #Smellmitment this Holiday Season? Old Spice makes some fantastic gift sets that are available at mass retailers Nationwide. Timber – For the guy who is a lumberjack at heart, a Timber Man enjoys the fresh scent of nature as well as the thrill of competition; Swagger – For the guy who is confident, a Swagger Man can act on his feet and is smooth with the ladies; Bearglove – For the guy who commands your attention, a Bearglove Man exudes power and worldliness and speaks with authority. Pick one for your man this Holiday…

Old Spice Gift Packs

As noted above: THE ROCK FATHER Magazine has partnered with Life of Dad and Old Spice for this promotion.

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