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With the official release of STAR WARS: The Digital Movie Collection upon us, many are taking time to reflect on the pop-cultural impact that George Lucas’ creation has had since the release of the first film – Episode IV: A NEW HOPE – back on May 25, 1977. With the release of J.J. Abrams’ THE FORCE AWAKENS coming to theaters this December, and STAR WARS REBELS currently welcoming new fans to take “their first step into a larger world” on Disney XD, 2015 may well be the best time ever to be a STAR WARS fan – and I’ve been there for the ups-and-downs that this fandom has experienced. In fact, my wife and I have been there since the beginning – and that’s fueled a love for a galaxy far, far away that we’re now sharing and passing along to our daughters. STAR WARS is so big in this house that I’ve given it it’s own dedicated section here on THE ROCK FATHER, so when The Walt Disney Studios asked if we’d be interested in doing a “mystery” edition of UNBOXED in celebration of the new digital releases, we were on it quicker that Han and Chewy making the Kessel Run. It’s all a part of sharing #MyStarWars Memories with the girls, while making new ones along the way.

Yesterday (less than 24 hours ago), UPS delivered a large “Mystery Box” direct from The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. Aside from a “Fragile – Handle With Care” sticker on the side, there were no clues as to what exactly it might hold, so Adalyn and Finley – THE ROCK DAUGHTERS – and I were about to find out…

What an incredible treat for a Thursday afternoon – a cool sampling of the great STAR WARS products that are available now from the Disney Store, Hasbro, ThinkGeek, New Era and more. 

STAR WARSWatching that video above, the appeal of STAR WARS is so evident in the reaction of my girls… from the excitement on Addie’s face, to the mischievous look that Finn has for a split-second after igniting her lightsaber and glancing over at her big sister. Why has STAR WARS been bringing families together for nearly 40 years? Because it’s perfect even when it’s not perfect (elements of the prequels), and like The Force itself, it now binds us and penetrates us, having infiltrated all facets of daily life for many.

Keep your browsers pointed to THE ROCK FATHER in the days ahead, as I’ll be giving you a chance to win a few of the items we received (sharing!), and a few will receive dedicated posts (those Hasbro Digital Release Commemorative Edition Figures!) of their own. Also, be sure to stay on target with my Instagram where I share new STAR WARS goodies on a near-daily basis.

STAR WARS: The Digital Movie Collection is available now on virtually every digital platform including Disney Movies Anywhere, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu, Xbox and more.

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