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The wacky weather here in Northern Illinois continues this week, with temperatures slingshotting from the 60’s to the 20’s. As I type this right now, my iPhone says it’s 40 right now, with a low of 28 expected for tonight. By Saturday it’s expected that we’ll hit 70 again, but where did those early 80’s go? Regardless, it’s about time to start planting things in the ground, but we’re holding off for now. In the meantime, an email arrived this morning with Captain Cuke informing me that it’s time to check on the Growums again – specifically, the Pizza Garden. I’d also received an email from Carrin the Carrot, with a reminder to check on someone else. You see, we welcomed another member of the Growums family a few weeks ago – one that I have yet to mention. Her name? Princess Strawberry.

princessberryWe consider the Princess to be a distant “cousin” of sorts, from the Bonnie Plants family. This should be interesting since we’ve never grown strawberries before, but so far they’re doing well. The beds are pretty much ready to go for the veggie garden, though I’m undecided as to where the strawberries (I bought two of them at Home Depot) will wind up.

Tomicio, Baby Basil, Regan O., and Belle Peppa (aka The Pizza Garden) have shown considerable growth since our last update. While all but the peppers were sprouting well, everything is rocking now, with seedlings all around. It’s almost time to choose the best of the bunch and leave only one strong plant in each coco pod.

Provided that temperatures do start improving again, it will be time to start “hardening” these plants by giving them some outdoor sun (shaded from direct rays) and fresh air for a few hours each day until they’re ready to get moved into the ground. 


Stay tuned! 

PS: Don’t forget that while we’re growing our first Growums Garden, you can take part yourself by visiting Growums.com. In addition to being able to meet the characters and buy your own Gardens, you can also sign up for Fundraising Programs for your school or organization! Tired of selling cookies, coupons, or candy bars? Growums might be what you’re looking for. Additionally, they have some great programs like Growums Goes to the Fair, a Blue Ribbon program with some creative projects for all to enjoy. 

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