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The Second Annual “Hatchimals Day” is Coming with the launch of HATCHIMALS SURPRISE…


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Hatchimals were the hottest toy for Holiday 2016, and now they’re poised for another big run. As the franchise has grown well-beyond the original hatching electronic toys to include Hatchimals Colleggtibles, clothing and more, Spin Master has now revealed the next evolution of the original toys: Hatchimals Surprise. Hailing from the world of Hatchtopia, Hatchimals Surprise are are said to be “different from any Hatchimals seen before.” There’s a completely new hatching process, with new species to meet and what’s being called “a BIG surprise” set to come on the Second Annual Hatchimals Day, Friday, October 6, 2017!

“We’ve seen a tremendous response to the Hatchimals brand globally, and we continue to see success with the recent introduction of Hatchimals Colleggtibles,” said Ben Gadbois, Spin Master’s Global President and COO. “As we continue to deliver on our innovation pipeline, we are proud to announce our second annual Hatchimals Day on Oct. 6 when we will introduce a whole new way of hatching for children across the globe.”

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Pre-order will be available beginning Sept. 18 across all major retailers with an MSRP of $69.99. Visit www.hatchimals.com for updates, and be sure to be checking your local retailers in the weeks ahead. As was the case last year, you can bet that some retailers will break street date, and resellers will be going crazy for these. My advice: always be patient, and don’t settle for sub-par knock-offs. Get the real deal, even if that means you have to wait.

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