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The Smell of Success: A1 Meat-Scented Candles Sell Out in 1 Week

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A memorable backyard barbeque isn’t complete without the smell of tangy barbeque sauce on the breeze, but A1 Steak Sauce had the genius idea of bringing it into your living room when they announced three new meat-inspired candle scents.

Just in time for Father’s day, the sauce company released three limited edition candles on a special site inspired by the food their sauce improves: “Original Meat,” “Backyard BBQ,” and the elegantly put “Burger.”

Each of these candles also came with a hearty description, but A1 was able to appeal to their father-loving customers with a pun-inspired message.

“We know our saucy tang resonates with dad. So bring it home to him in a different way. A candle that will LIGHT the way to his heart. Isn’t that original?” proclaims the website.

A1 Meat Scents Candles

While the company didn’t say how long these candles would be available for online purchase, the $14.99 candles sold out in a matter of days, leaving buyers disappointed and probably more than a little hungry. That’s too bad, because according to research firm Rabobank, Americans really love their mean. Meat consumption in the United States will reach more than 200 pounds per capita this year.

While food-scented candles are nothing new — KFC and White Castle released candles a few years back — this candle came at the perfect time to make for a funky Father’s Day gift, as long as your dad is a meat eater.

For those of you who missed out, however, there is a campaign running on A1’s Meat Scents website. Not only can you vote to bring back your favorite scent (flavor?), you can request to be sent an email when your preferred product is back in stock.

The site also posted an infuriatingly vague message in response to the high demand.

“Glad you loved them! We may have run out of candles, BUT who knows, they might even return in time for that other super special, saucesome occasion!”

A “saucesome” occasion may be as soon as the Fourth of July next month or as late as Labor Day. Who knows? It might just be a way to keep our tongues wagging with excitement.

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