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The Toddler Jukebox – July 7, 2011 ANTHRAX and BIOHAZARD?


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220px-AnthraxAmongTheLivingRaising the future of rock is a daily adventure, often marked by what music will be providing the soundtrack to our day. The Toddler Jukebox happened by accident – thousands of albums on CD and Vinyl filed neatly on shelves within The Rock Father’s office, many within reach of curious hands. I created a new rule a few weeks back, that if my daughter (22 months young) pulled an album, that meant I had to listen to it. With a lot of music collecting dust, this would be an opportunity to revisit some titles from the past. Today’s Jukebox is a curious pair – if only for the fact that their combined names could stike fear into the hearts of the TSA, CDC, and NSA combined: ANTHRAX and BIOHAZARD.

biohazardAfter pulling the 1987 ANTHRAX album AMONG THE LIVING from the shelf, the little one was soon doing the Scott Ian ‘Stomp’ while rocking out to Caught in a Mosh. Moments later, those little hands had another title firmly in their grasp with the limited-edition version of BIOHAZARD’s 1994 STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS.

She didn’t seem to appreciate the BIOHAZARD as much as the ANTHRAX from a musical perspective at first, but after she began bobbing her head to the hardcore stylings, I believe her true motivation for choosing the record was revealed when she handed it back to me and said a single word: “Orange.

Interesting sidebar: Both ANTHRAX and BIOHAZARD have new albums due out later this year.

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