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stonerwitchGenerally when I do The Toddler Jukebox, it’s about my daughter randomly pulling a CD from the archives and me being forced to spin it. This one’s a little different in that the little one didn’t specifically choose the song – but she sure as hell digs it. From the MELVINS’ 1994 album STONER WITCH comes a little song called Revolve – a song that she happened to catch me playing acoustically yesterday morning while jamming in my office. Yes, I was rocking out some Melvins in a half-assed style when she walked into the room smiling and dancing. So I let her hear the real version of the song.

Since she got to rock to some Melvins (and LOVED it), here’s an opportunity to let you rock to it as well. Check out the video below:

If you get a chance to see the MELVINS live at some point, they tour with two drummers now and this song is absolutely thunderous.

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