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With summer right around the corner, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of the season this year. There are countless fun activities that you can plan for with your kids. To give you some interesting ideas, here are five tips that you should keep in mind for the perfect summer weekend.

Take a Trip to the Beach

If you live near a beach or within driving distance, plan a weekend around hitting the waterfront. Beaches aren’t limited to the ocean either, and many lakes have great beach areas that families can take advantage of. Some places may even have camping nearby that you can also utilize for a long weekend getaway. Kids will love being able to build sandcastles on the beach. Some may even want to show off the building skills they’ve learned through the popular videogame Minecraft, which has sold an astonishing 200 million copies as of May 2020. In the past year they’ve had plenty of time stuck inside to play, now is the perfect time to transition to more outdoor activities!

Play in the Park

If you live near a park, this one’s a no-brainer. Make a day of heading to the park with a picnic and the whole family. You also shouldn’t sit on the sidelines while they play either, instead try and get as involved as possible. Unleash your inner child and have a fun day playing with your kids. When was the last time you took to the swing set to show off those skills you learned in middle school? While you may be a bit rusty, it’s sure to be a fun time for everyone involved!

Plan an Out of Town Stay

When it comes to planning the perfect summer weekend, sometimes it’s nice to get away from home. You may not even have to go far! Even something as simple as booking a weekend bed and breakfast one town over can be a great adventure for kids. It gives you an opportunity to bond and leaves your other responsibilities at the door. Trips like this can also help you find great activities that you may have otherwise missed. Additionally, planning family weekend getaways like this can help keep your relationships healthy. Between 40% and 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce — not cool — and it’s important to plan activities to keep the spark alive. Being cooped up together over the last year in one place has certainly put a test to any marriage, and a weekend trip away from home will be good for everyone’s mental health.

Try New Restaurants

Both kids and adults love going out to eat, and many people missed out on that last year. Consider looking for restaurants that you haven’t been to before and trying them out on the weekends. Whether you’re doing breakfast, lunch, or dinner, both you and your kids are sure to enjoy the great food and time outside of the house. A survey found that 67% of respondents said that breakfast and brunch items like chorizo and eggs, coconut milk pancakes, and other breakfast delicacies are growing in popularity. This summer is a great time to try new foods from different regions and branch out from the traditional. You may be surprised what your child’s next favorite food is!

Fun for the Whole Family

Last summer left a lot to be desired and you deserve to make the most of the good weather this year. Thankfully there is no limit to the fun and interesting activities that you can take part in. Consider the above options and maybe sit down with your family to create some of your own so this summer can be one to remember.

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