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Originally Published November 15, 2011

Just two months since the release of his 41-track, EXTENDED PLAY E.P., comedian T.J. MILLER is already back on store shelves – this time with NO REAL REASON, his first-ever stand-up special. Taped in his former home state of Colorado (where he lived before getting smart and moving to Chicago, prior to pussing out and moving to L.A.) and released by Comedy Central, NO REAL REASON captures theLEGENDofKARL doing what he does best – making people laugh (except for the lady that gets up mid-show to call him an ”inconsiderate f*ck.”).

millerdvd300NO REAL REASON entertains as Miller embraces his inner “weird,” talking up the possibility of having “ketchup bottles for legs” (wide end down), doing his “own thing” (bad idea), or hanging out on the corner of Sunset & Vine while dressed in a tennis outfit (also a bad idea). The crowd seems appreciative, and both my wife and I had a few good laughs while watching the special over the weekend.

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If you’ve seen Miller hanging out with Chelsea Handler and Chuy Bravo on CHELSEA LATELY (he was just on the other night), or you’ve caught him in acclaimed films like YOGI BEAR 3D (no plans to see it) or GULLIVER’S TRAVELS (no plans to see it), you already know that the guy gets around, and is becoming a pretty familiar voice. As such, there’s a couple of jokes that are already getting stale, with his adventures at the DMV and desire for a “bad turkey sandwich” getting play on the talk show circuit (I’ve seen him tell both of those on TBS’ CONAN and G4’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW), but that’s a common issue for comedians as they do the promo rounds.

Bonus Features on the DVD include a trio of ok jokes cut from the special and a pair of short films – neither of which scored any laughs on this end. Lego enthusiasts may get a kick out of THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF A GREAT DAY, while necrophiliac bestiality buffs may dig THE STOOP – otherwise they’re just filler from an otherwise killer Miller.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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