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Out of all the toys released for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS, the Turtle Tactical Truck by Playmates Toys is by far my personal favorite. While I was a fan of the 2014 Turtle Assault Van (reviewed here) from the last film (a vehicle that The Rock Daughters™ still play with regularly), the 2016 Tactical Truck is just better on every possible level. In the last film, the Van showed up briefly at the end – almost an afterthought, while this year’s Tactical Truck (a converted NYC Garbage Truck) is featured heavily. Over the years there have been many Turtle vehicles including Shellraisers and Party Vans, but perhaps none has been as real-world plausible, or functional as this one, even as a toy. The folks at Playmates sent us one for review, so we had to hit the streets with it…

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Just like its on-screen counterpart, this ride can shoot manhole covers from hidden slots in its grill (four loaded for maximum Foot-fighting action), features a roof-mounted net blaster, and the sides open up to reveal Mikey’s favorite – Nunchucks Giganticus! These massive nunchucks whip wildly as kids push the Truck forward.


Designed to hold four figures, this vehicle can actually hold additional when you factor-in the ability to have them riding while holding onto the back handles or on the front forklift (which raises and lowers by hand). Two figures can ride inside the cab (where Donatello prefers to drive)…


…while the tailgate opens up for a perfect hiding spot or ambush launch!


Make the Foot Clan “Eat Shell!”

 Eat Shell!

A quick word of advice on this one is that if you think your kids (or someone else you know) might want the TMNT Turtle Tactical Truck, buy it now. As we move toward the Holiday season, I can’t help but think of 2014 when the Van from the last movie became an item of short supply. Now, two years later, that discontinued vehicle sometimes fetches up to $150 on the secondary market, so you should really get this for the list price of $39.99 while you still can.

TMNT Tactical Truck

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