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Part of #TMNTweek 2016 on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine! Check out TheRockFather.com/TMNT for more.

When it comes to a great toy collection, it often seems like toymakers forget that the vehicles and playsets are a key part of the lasting appeal (something G.I. JOE and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE absolutely dominated when I was a kid). The folks at Playmates Toys‘ haven’t lost sight of that, and over the years they’ve done a fine job of making sure that their Basic Action Figure Assortments are complimented with plenty of rides and environments to help kids keep those big adventures going. For TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS, there’s a new assortment of motorcycles hitting the streets, each paired with an exclusive action figure. Let’s take a look…

For #TMNTweek, Playmates sent us two of the new Cycles for review here in our State-of-the-Art Toy Testing Facility at Rock Father HQ (our house and sidewalk), and they are cool… particularly on the villainous side of things.

Warthog Trike

Warthog Trike with Exclusive Bebop Figure: Having not yet seen the film, cliche as it might be, I could totally see them playing some George Thorogood “Bad to the Bone” playing as Bebop rolls up on his Warthog Trike for the first time. It’s a big bike for a big dude, and this one comes with dual spring-loaded rocket grenade projectiles, a crowbar and a chain whip. Bebop is hardcore.


Street Speeder with Exclusive Leonardo Figure: With its Japanese styling, you can tell that Leo’s bike is built for speed… and by wearing a proper helmet, he’s conveying a message of riding safety as well. Leo is geared-up with his traditional dual swords, but this bike offers “Ninja Flip Action,” packing a spring-loaded ejector into the seat that can make the turtle “flip” forward while wearing a special stunt harness attached to a swing arm. Personally, I could do without the flip action, as it doesn’t work properly all of the time, but the kids think it’s funny. 

Leonardo being chased by Bebop!

Also Available – Rhino Chopper with Exclusive Rocksteady Figure: A more traditional, two-wheeled “Harley” esque bike brings Rocksteady into action, and like his counterpart’s, this one has dual spring-loaded rocket grenade projectiles, but he’s also got his signature nail bat and a sledgehammer… just in-case.

Raphael and Rocksteady

Ragin’ Rager with Exclusive Raphael Figure: Like Leo’s bike, Raph’s takes that Japanese styling to the streets complete with the flipping action. 

All of these toys and more are available at retailers everywhere right now!

The chase is on!

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