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Rides: TONKA Classics Vintage Diecast (Review)

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Of all the vehicular interests here at Rock Father HQ, one of the most timeless has to be that of TONKA. While the line has evolved over the years to encompass many different types of vehicles in varying sizes and materials, nothing beats the classics – those made of steel or diecast. In last year’s Holiday Wish Guide I featured some of the modern diecast singles, but this year I’m focusing on a few different versions, including this TONKA Vintage Diecast 3-Pack. Featuring a Vintage Fire Rescue truck, Vintage Police Cruiser and Vintage Police Wagon (along with a pair of safety cones), the classic styling and sturdy construction will make these a big hit for kids and grownups alike.

TONKA Vintage Diecast Collection Review - Fire Rescue

Is there anything more classic than the image of a kid playing with a firetruck in front of a Christmas tree? That’s certainly an image conjured up when seeing this one for sure.

TONKA Vintage Diecast Collection Review - Vintage Police Wagon

This Vintage Police Wagon reminds me of the old cartoons we’d watch as kids, many of which would feature silly cops busting crooks (in many cases, animals) by tossing them in the “Paddy Wagon.” No matter what it’s called, you wouldn’t want to be riding in the back of a real one, though our youngest daughter has a penchant for taking her action figures and “sending them to jail,” something that may or may not be due to Officer Judy Hopps in Disney’s ZOOTOPIA.

As for the Vintage Police Cruiser, it has that classic “black-and-white” color scheme that seems largely gone in the Midwest at this point, but something I do still run across visiting other cities. Watch some old movies or TV shows, and you’ll still catch the look. Both the Police Crusier and Wagon use the same body style/casting as the Christmas Cruiser and Delivery Van that I featured on my Instagram last year:


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TONKA 3-Packs make a great stocking stuffer and are available at retailers everywhere for around $12. Please keep in mind that like most toys, there is a heavy collectible market for these, and since they are shipped in assortments to retailers, many models and packs will pop-up in third-party marketplaces on eBay and Amazon for substantially higher prices. I’ve seen the very set featured here hanging in several stores at regular price, but a quick search online finds sellers asking upwards of $30.

Want more TONKA? Check out Funrise Toys, current makers of the brand under license from Hasbro.

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