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Step2As a 2013 Step2 Test Drive Blogger, I have the opportunity to try out some new toys right here at Rock Father HQ in our super-state-of-the-art testing facility. In this case, that means “family room,” as we have a foot of snow on the ground and our yard looks more like Hoth from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK than an inviting play area. Our first assignment arrived here a couple weeks ago, and now it’s time to reveal the details on a sweet new ride – and give YOU the opportunity to score one for your little one(s) while helping tiny hearts in the process.

Making it’s public debut today at the American International TOY FAIR in New York City, the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe is a major step forward from the classic “coupe” design that children have enjoyed for years. Sleek and modern, the Easy Turn Coupe is the result of combining the best features of 2001’s Toddle Tune Coupe with elements of 2012’s Easy Steer Sportster, topped with plenty of all-new features.

“This sporty new addition to the Step2 family is loaded with options for driving comfort. Kids will think they’re just like mom and dad. And even better, the Easy Turn Coupe will go for miles fueled only by your child’s boundless energy and imagination.”Jerry McDermott – Chief Marketing Officer, Step2 Holdings

The Easy Turn Coupe was an immediate hit here at Rock Father HQ, eagerly-awaited by our octane-obsessed daughter Adalyn (official Step2 Test Drive Kid), and enjoyed immensely by both her and her little sister. Assembly was a trouble-free process that lasted just shy of an hour, and Addie was climbing in before the car was even fully road-ready!

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Addie and her CoupeAmong the great features of the Easy Turn Coupe:

  • Gender-Neutral Color Scheme (I really appreciate this)
  • Three Cup Holders – one in front, two in back (perfect for parents and kids alike!)
  • See-through roof allows kids to see parents, parents to see kids.
  • Removable floor (optionally screwed-in) for smaller kids to ride, while bigger kids use foot-power!
  • Built-in handle on roof so parents can push little ones like a stroller.
  • Working horn.
  • MADE IN THE USA (Ohio-based company!)
  • And… what makes the “Easy Turn” possible, a third castor wheel on the front, allowing perfect movement in all directions!

While we don’t have a ton of indoor space available, this car gets use every single day. Addie was quick to plop a toy phone into the front cup holder to emulate where Daddy puts his smartphone in the real car. In the back, she’ll often place a bag full of books and dvds as she pretends to go to the library or to work like Mommy. Additionally, she has just as much fun when we put the floor in place and let her push Baby Finley around the family room. We absolutely cannot wait until the weather breaks and we can get this thing out onto the sidewalk for some ’round the block action! Take a look at this Highlight Reel featuring the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe getting some hands-on testing here at Rock Father HQ:
Special Thanks to Marcie for use of her song, “Where Do You Want to Go?” Grab it as a FREE DOWNLOAD from her website!

And now, here’s where you can get involved for a chance to win an Easy Turn Coupe of your own, while helping a worthy cause…

Step2 has launched the I ♥ Easy Turn Coupe campaign to benefit the Saving tiny Hearts Society in their efforts to combat Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).

I ♥ Easy Turn Coupe

coupeloveThe Step2 Company, LLC focuses its charitable efforts on programs designed to enhance the health and education of children while enriching their lives and their family experience. It is that mission that has made The Saving tiny hearts Society (StHS), an organization that funds life-saving grass roots research of congenital heart defects (CHD’s), a non-profit that Step2 has supported for many years.

Several years ago, Step2 learned that CHD’s are America’s #1 birth defect affecting over 40,000 babies every year. With that type of statistic, it should have come as no surprise when one of Step2’s own, Tena Crock, was impacted by a CHD.

At her 20 week ultrasound appointment, Crock believed that the biggest news she would receive that day was the gender of the little miracle growing in her tummy. Instead, she learned that her son had a complex CHD, double inlet left ventricle (single ventricle) among other issues. Because of the established relationship, Crock was able to reach out to the founders of StHS who offered her support and information while educating her about their important research efforts. Crock’s son underwent three heart surgeries and one heart catheterization in the first 7 months of life. He will have one more surgery before he is school aged, but for now, he is a happy and healthy toddler, enjoying the toys that Mommy brings him home from work..

Step2 will be donating Coupes to various Children’s Hospitals this year, and is asking for you to help out by simply leaving a comment. CLICK HERE to Visit the I ♥ Easy Turn Coupe Tab on the Step2 Facebook Page. Watch the short video, and leave a comment with what your favorite feature of the Easy Turn Coupe is. For each comment (up to 10,000), Step2 will donate $1 to StHS! Go leave that comment, and come right back here for the giveaway…


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Don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won? Head over to and order your Easy Turn Coupe today!

FTC Disclosure: This promotion is taking place due to my relationship with Step2 as a 2013 Test Drive Blogger. All opinions are my own, with influence from my children.

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