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Toy Fair First-Look: Just Play Readies DOC McSTUFFINS TOY HOSPITAL Collection


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Toy FairIt’s as if it was predicted… Just two days ago, The Rock Daughters hit Target armed with the last of their Xmas gift cards. Both picked up “animal carriers” from the recent DOC McSTUFFINS PET VET collection, and when they came home, I’d coincidentally just posted news of Doc’s fourth season, coming to Disney Junior – DOC McSTUFFINS: TOY HOSPITAL. Half-jokingly, I said to one of the publicists at Disney, “I sense some new toys in our future,” not even thinking that said toys would already emerge at Toy Fair. It’s true, though – my friends at Just Play Toys are rolling out The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Line, in which Dottie is the Chief Resident at her new Toy Hospital, helping toys from all over the world. Just Play’s new line of Doc McStuffins role play toys lets kids Ages 3+ heal their toys, just like Doc, and it‟s just what the doctor ordered! Check out a first-look preview, right here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine!

Doc McStuffins HospitalPlayset front JustPlay

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital – There are lots of fun lights, sounds and kid-powered features in each department of Doc‟s Toy Hospital! The playset includes a Reception Area, Command Center, Nursery, Vet Clinic and Check-Up Center. A real-working elevator and a moving walkway, light-up x-ray table, rocking cribs, spinning mobiles, and ball pit are just a few of the features that will keep kids busy for hours. It comes with Rhonda the Helicopter, who can hold the included Doc figure and even has her own helipad! The playset includes four characters: Chief Resident Doc, Rhonda the Helicopter, Lambie and Baby Cece (Rock Father Note: Cece is the baby doll that Doc practices on for the upcoming “Baby McStuffins” story arc). SRP $49.99

Doc McStuffins HospitalPlayset JustPlay

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart – Doc‟s the best at on-the-go check-ups! The Toy Hospital Care Cart features a light & sound patient scanner with two interchangeable cards, a talking EKG area with a printout EKG roller, a kid powered blood pressure pump, a real working drawer, and a patient bed! Budding young doctors can roll the kid-sized Care Cart and listen to it play the “Welcome to the Hospital” song from the show. Also comes with patient Findo! SRP $49.99

DocMcStuffinsCareCart JustPlay

Rose the RescuerDoc McStuffins & Rosie The Rescuer – Now Doc McStuffins can go everywhere to take care of the toys in McStuffinsville thanks to Rosie The Rescuer, a friendly and helpful ambulance! With Doc in the driver‟s seat, Rosie rolls back and forth, activating both eye movements and sounds as she talks to Doc about today‟s rescue. When they‟re on the way to save the day, press Rosie‟s siren to hear the fun sound and see it light up! Open up Rosie‟s back compartment to store the gurney, tools and toy friends. Includes 8.5” Doc McStuffins doll, gurney and two of doc‟s tools. SRP $39.99

You can look for these toys and more, all hitting stores this Summer and Fall from Just Play!. Now, could someone PLEASE make the Wicked King for me?

THE ROCK FATHER Magazine is your source for the best in news, features and reviews when it comes to toys – including the famed Holiday Wish Guide. Stay tuned for more…

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