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Toy Fair: Jazwares Relaunches the Weebles (they still Wobble)


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Toy FairRight now, as I sit here typing this, there is a Weebles Treehouse not more than five feet from me in this very office. It’s likely the last Weebles Treehouse to be directly produced under Hasbro for their Playskool line, as we got it for Addie roughly 5-6 years ago. Now, continuing the tradition of their older lines being licensed out to smaller toymakers (Tonka, Mr. Potato Head, etc.), Weebles have moved over to Jazwares, and will be relaunched with a new look this August. 

“Revitalized to resonate with the preschoolers of today, Weebles emanate positive social messages to children who are on their own wobbly adventures and promotes values of resilience, optimism, diversity and thoughtfulness through play patterns and messaging. The new Weebles have been redesigned with sculpted features, bringing the characters to life and ready for a new wobbly generation of fun.”


The Weebles product line will be available this fall in stores nationwide, starting with the following, “Weebles Friends Assortment” ($3.99 USD), “Weebles On the Go” (vehicle packs, $9.99 USD) and “Wobble Around Treehouse Playset” ($34.99 USD).

In addition to the toys, families will be able to follow the six main characters, Wendy, Wally, Willie, Winnie, Willow and Winston on adventures in special Weeblesodes debuting this summer on YouTube.

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