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Holiday Wish Guide: Rockin’ the Road in the Dynacraft 24V Disney Princess Carriage Ride-On

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The Toy Insider - Parent Panelist“Dream Big, Princess” – that’s a message that little ones have heard often this year as part of Disney’s mission to inspire girls and kids around the world to dream big, and to unlock their full potential. Being a modern-day princess brings with it a spirit of adventure that accompanies a passion for friendship and kindness, and there’s no better way to seek adventure with friends than to hit the open road… or in this case, sidewalk. The term “horseless carriage” has new meaning with the release of the 24-volt Disney Princess Carriage Ride-on vehicle from Dynacraft – almost unanimously-chosen as one of 2016’s Hottest Holiday Toys, and a featured pick in both my 2016 Holiday Wish Guide™ on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine™ and the The Toy Insider’s 2016 Hot Holiday Toy Guide!

Having first seen the Carriage in-person during a July trip to NYC, I immediately noted it as a potential “Rock Father Pick,” and one that needed some hands-on evaluation here in The Toy Testing Facility at Rock Father HQ™. As part of my gig as a member of The Toy Insider Parent Panel, the folks at Dynacraft sent one over, and after letting the girls hit the streets in it, I can tell you that the enthusiasm and buzz is completely justified.

Dynacraft Disney Princess Carriage Review

Details: This sparkling pink carriage is essentially a reimagined version of what Cinderella once rode in – a ride that was once a pumpkin, now ready to rock the road with some little Royals at the wheel. The 24-Volt ride-on offers two speeds – 2.5/5mph – along with reverse, and seats two with a maximum weight limit of 130lbs. There’s working carriage doors, four battery-operated LED lights (one on each post), tie-back curtains, a magical horn within the heart-shaped steering wheel, “trunk” space behind the seat, and lights and sounds that are activated by placing a wand into the dash. The grill-mounted LED lights are like a gleaming pink princess version of KITT’s scanner from Knight Rider (best show of all-time)! There’s even a “wear and share” tiara on the dash that matches the big one mounted on the roof. Colorful graphics featuring Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Tiana from The Princess & The Frog, Rapunzel and of course, Cinderella, top it off.

Dynacraft Disney Princess Carriage Review

A few things to be aware of: The Disney Princess Carriage is heavy, tipping the scales at around 145lbs assembled. While one person could assemble it on their own (as I did), two-person assembly is highly recommended not just for ease. but also for safety and to avoid damage. Be sure to allow a couple of hours to get the job done. The box is huge, so you’ll need a truck for store pick-up. Also, keep in mind that the initial charge should be done for 18 hours, so if you’re building this with the thinking that the kids will be able to play on Christmas morning, be sure to allow for overnight charging.


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Overall: The Dynacraft Disney Princess Carriage Ride-on is destined to be the Royal envy of the neighborhood as kids line-up for a chance to ride and drive. I’m actually surprised that it’s taken so long for someone to make one of these,  and if your house is your castle, then a proper carriage is essential. 

Available as a Walmart Exclusive this Holiday season for an MSRP of $398. 

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