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Toy Review: Our Generation Dolls My Way & Highways 4×4 and R.V. Seeing You Camper for 18″ Dolls


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Our Generation DollsWhen we last went hands-on with Our Generation Dolls here on the site, The Rock Daughters (Adalyn and Finley) were checking out a full starter assortment of items from Battat Toys’ 18″ Doll line – all sold exclusively at Target stores here in the U.S. With Spring here, we’re putting emphasis on the outdoors, and our latest review box from Battat featured a pair of big items that are perfect for embracing that spirit of outdoor adventure for kids – whether they’re playing indoors or out. The My Way and Highways 4×4 and R.V. Seeing You Camper have both been on the market for awhile now, but like us, many families are just discovering the incredible assortment of affordably-priced items that Our Generation offers. Let’s take a look…


Right out of the box (or off the shelf, as they’re sold), the sheer size of these items is impressive. Being scaled to 18″ dolls, you can imagine these would be big, but the fact that these have been kept within a reasonable price point ($35 for the 4×4, $70 for the Camper) is appreciated. With comparably-sized vehicles from other makers sometimes running into the hundreds of dollars, there’s no doubt that the same amount of fun can be had with Our Generation (something we recently discussed with a neighbor who came out to take a peek at our camper) at a price accessible to all.


The My Way and Highways 4×4 fits one 18″ doll comfortably, with room for a smaller companion (you could probably squeeze another full-size doll in there, but our girls have been placing smaller characters to “ride shotgun”). It’s got dual side mirrors (that fold), a steering wheel, clear windshield and rugged “all terrain” tires. The rear license plate even says “OG Girl,” which matches the plate on the Camper.


The R.V. Seeing You Camper is the jewel of our girls’ OG collection right now, coming complete with the necessary spring-loaded hitch to allow it to be towed behind the 4×4. Well-thought, there’s spring-loaded, retractable “jacks” to keep the Camper level when no 4×4 is attached, a single-axle pair of wheels, and French doors that open wide for interior play. 


The Camper houses a small sofa that folds-out into a full sleeper bed, complete with a padded mat, two pillows and a blanket. There’s a retractable table, two stools and kitchen accessories including dishes, oven mitts, utensils and a drying rack. The refrigerator and oven open and have racks and storage, and under the sink there’s a ton of additional storage covered by a pull-back curtain. Speaking of curtains, I’m a fan of the fine details, like the perfectly-tailored curtains over the side windows.

Much like we experienced with our OG horse, the size makes the Camper very appealing to smaller kids in terms of the “I’m going to ride this!” mentality – so be aware, because it’s not built to hold that. Also keep an eye out on the doors, as I first thought that they didn’t sit quite right, but there’s a trick to it – close the left one first, right one second. Latch them at the top first, then the bottom.

Addie and the Camper

 Rock Father-Approved!Big fun all the way around (and these are BIG), both of these and the entire line of Our Generation Dolls and accessories can be found at your local Target store, and online at Target.com. Please note that the items available in-stock locally will vary by store.

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