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Toyography: The Hot Wheels Scooby-Doo ’70 Chevelle Delivery

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I’ve really been getting into the art of “Toyography” lately – a love of toys and photography coming together for fun results. Many of my photos involve toy vehicles, and they’re usually posted on Instagram and Facebook for immediate viewing. It’s no secret that we have a big love of Mattel’s Hot Wheels line here at Rock Father HQ, and one recent photo I snapped even snagged the attention of the Hot Wheels team themselves, getting reposted on all of their official social networks. Since people seem to enjoy viewing these just as much as I enjoy taking them, I think it’s only proper to share them here on THE ROCK FATHER on occasion, and today I’m starting with this – The Hot Wheels Pop Culture Series Hanna-Barbera Scooby-Doo ’70 Chevelle Delivery. This photo was taken this morning, with the full Mystery Inc. Gang present to stand guard…


A couple of times a year, Mattel issues new installments of their “Pop Culture” series. Recent ones have included KISS, AC/DC, THE GRATEFUL DEAD, ARCHIE COMICS, GENERAL MILLS, HERSHEY’s and more. Now they’re on at least the second batch of Hanna-Barbera vehicles, and they’re hard to come by. We snagged their “Custom ’77 Dodge Van” from the last Scooby-Doo batch, and while I may feature that soon, a more pressing issue is that our basic Mystery Machine has gone missing. It’s… a mystery unto itself.

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