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Toys: Entertainment Earth Celebrates 20 Years of Bringing Hollywood Home…


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Entertainment EarthOn April 1, 1996, Entertainment Earth launched with a small office, a garage, and a website. The idea back then was to give collectors a one-stop shop for what was then a new thing – Hasbro’s Kenner STAR WARS Power of The Force action figures. That’s exactly when I jumped into STAR WARS collecting hardcore. The weird thing now is that in 1996, RETURN OF THE JEDI was just 13 years old, and the “vintage” STAR WARS figures had only been off the market for about 11. To think that we’re now 20 years past that relaunch of STAR WARS, and 33 years past ROTJ… well, it just makes me feel old. But, as times have changed, Entertainment Earth has grown to a massive operation, and while they’re still a great source for toys from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, they’re now keyed-into just about any kind of toys and collectibles that any entertainment or pop culture lover could want. Check out the cool history video they’ve put together…

As the month rolls on, keep an eye on what Entertainment Earth is up to – they’ll be serving-up some great deals, and some special giveaways. Stay tuned, as we’ll be doing a joint giveaway here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine as well! Looking back, it’s interesting how similar the original Entertainment Earth office looked to my one-time STAR WARS room.

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