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#TrumpKimSummit: United States Officially Releases Propaganda Video while Donald Trump & Kim Jong-un form Nuclear Power Trio…

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As prophesied last July, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have come together in Singapore for a historic meeting – the first between a North Korean Dictator Leader and a sitting U.S. dictator-wannabe President. The Trump-Kim Summit took place earlier today, and in a shocking twist, the duo recruited Dennis Rodman Mike Tyson to become the NUCLEAR POWER TRIO. Believe me, even though the band says “It’s a song to promote world peace!” it is not the weirdest thing you’ll see today, but I have that too.

Now, a masked band rocking out in representation of two controversial “leaders” is one thing, but the official White House Livestream (viewable here) revealed something even stranger. President Trump presented Jong-un with a video that can best be described as “official propaganda.” It’s essentially a movie trailer by “Destiny Pictures” that presents the duo as potential heroes. Again, this is not fake, and it is not a satire. This is officially-released video from the White House. The segment, ripped from the Livestream can be seen below.

As for NUCLEAR POWER TRIO, behind the freakishly realistic silicone masks by artist Landon Meier are Allegaeon’s Greg Burgess (Guitar), Havok’s Pete Webber (Drums) and Cephalic Carnage’s Nick Schendzielos (Bass). Again, it’s always great to see Allegaeon’s crab suit getting good use. I caught that suit in-action a few times when PRODUCT OF HATE toured with Allegaeon a few years back.

Bonus Fun Fact: I’m often asked why I don’t attend the frequent conferences that take place for members of the creative industry. One reason is the word “summit.” As a child of the 1980s, I despise the word – it brings with it negative connotation that recalls things like the Reykjavík Summit of 1986. There’s something uneasy about the word, much like today’s Trump-Kim Summit. 

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