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Dinotrux: A Kid’s Dream Come True…

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Netflix #StreamTeamFact: Most kids love dinosaurs. Another Fact: Most kids also love trucks, cars, trains, planes, boats and other things that are mechanical and/or move. Bonus Fact: The previous two facts are simply claimed by me, with no form of research and/or scientific proof to back that up. Hey, I didn’t question it when all of a sudden Optimus Prime had Grimlock and a bunch of other Dinobots running around back in 1984, so why would kids in 2015 question the existence of a race of “giant creatures that are half dinosaur, half construction vehicle and all awesome?” I figure most won’t…

DINOTRUX is the latest series to emerge from the partnership between DreamWorks Animation and Netflix. Based on the books by author Chris Gall (available now from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers), DINOTRUX is a tale of prehistoric mechanical beasts that need to work together to build a better world, and to fight against the villainous D-Structs. Led by Ty Rux (with his Reptool friend Revvit at his side), the Dinotrux learn skills like teamwork and friendship, in-turn teaching those same skills to their audience of youngsters.

When I first saw the trailer, DINOTRUX reminded me a lot of Educational Insights’ Dino Construction Company toys – but then again, this type of mechanical mashup is nothing new. Aside from the aforementioned Dinobots, I had some of TOMY’s ZOIDS back in the day (wind-up dinosaur robotic machines) and there were some other properties that escape me, yet had a prehistoric yet futuristic spin.


Thing is, the Dinotrux as creatures are pretty much their own beast. And most importantly, my girls love them… as evidenced by their reaction to a surprise box of DINOTRUX goodies that was unearthed at Rock Father HQ this week…

Having premiered a first-batch of 10 episodes on Netflix earlier this month, we haven’t seen the entire series yet, but the hook was already set, and the kids are frequently asking for more. It taps right into those basic interests, yet opens the possibility of conversation as “enemies” become friends, and characters are revealed not to be what they seem – a lot like some people. And teamwork? That carries over into real life, too…


DINOTRUX is available to stream now on Netflix. THE ROCK FATHER is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, bringing you viewing tips, programming news and adventures on a monthly basis.

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