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Life Hack: Bonding with Children and Maximizing Time

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My wife and I talk about it often – time (specifically, lack thereof) being a big issue for us as parents. As kids, we heard grownups talk about “time flying,” but until you’re actually an adult and a parent yourself, you just don’t realize it. From a scientific standpoint, time is the same – but there has to be a correlation between size and time. When you’re a little kid, the days seem to go forever. When you’re physically bigger, the days seem shorter. There’s also a chance that I made that up, but time is most certainly an issue. We want to spend time with our kids – time that increases the bond between parent and child – and that means utilizing our superior time management skills to “get stuff done,” while still being there for our kids. What I’m saying is that I’m not opposed to eating breakfast in the shower. I get to save time by watching the girls brush their teeth, while I get clean and save a step by doing it fully-clothed. Seriously, just watch the video…

One of the constants of being a parent is a stockpile of Cheerios. Truth be told (and my girls don’t know it), but there’s fresh, unopened boxes of Cheerios in our garage right now. The whole family enjoys them, and sometimes you just want a crunchy bowl that hasn’t been tampered with by the hands of children.


But that hardly means a break in the bond. Oh, quite the opposite. Especially when tasty berries are involved – like Very Berry Cheerios. We grow berries in our backyard as we bond over gardening…


We bond over movies, and all of the extended adventure that goes with them. Just like fellow dad David Lesser here…

And sometimes we bond simply by sharing a breakfast in quiet (a rarity, since it’s usually loud), like Danny here…

When we do enjoy breakfast together, lately we’ve been digging the taste of real berries found in General Mills’ Very Berry Cheerios. No matter where that bite may be, or if it’s “breakfast” for lunch, dinner or snack, the sweetness of berries – and family time – can always be there together.

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