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Video: Childproofing? Not in our house… 3-Year-Old Circumvents Childproofing measures…


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Think your house is Childproof just because you spent a ton of money on Childproofing/Babyproofing products that you installed correctly? Well, here at Rock Father HQ, our daughter has some different thoughts. 

Last week, while I was changing a diaper for my five-month-old, my 3-year-old daughter showed up behind me with a yogurt and spoon (from a “locked” drawer). As she calmly munched on her delicious yogurt (Stonyfield’s “YoToddler”), I grabbed the flip camera and asked her just how she did it. 
With a full house that’s been “childproofed” with plenty of items from Safety 1st and Babies “R” Us, you’d think that the place would be pretty-well locked down. Obviously, that’s just not the case. Addie can pull those little outlet plugs right out of their sockets… and she can just about get the gates on the stairs open. I tried putting “locks” on the fridge and pantry, and those were a lost cause that ended up quickly circumvented, removed, and tossed in the garbage.

Maybe she’s gearing up for a successful career as a robber of some sort… a “Robin Hood” style character that uses her powers to take from the rich to provide for the poor? On the other hand, perhaps she just wants a snack when Mommy and Daddy say “No.”  Either way, this little one cannot be trusted.

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