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Video Debut: THE NOT-ITS! “Washington, D.C.”

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What an Election year this has been. With unprecedented wackiness on all sides of the aisle, we can expect the chaos and controversy to continue well through Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th. As I’ve already experienced here at Rock Father HQ, kids are asking questions, and whether Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or an unlikely-to-win third-party candidate will be getting your vote this season (I’m voting for Optimus Prime since I agree with his platform that “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”), there’s an opportunity to use this season to teach kids how our system is supposed to work. At that center of that system is Washington, D.C. – a city that evokes some natural curiosity in kids… a place unlike any other in the United States, and today Seattle’s THE NOT-ITS! are paying tribute with the release of their new music video. “Washington, D.C.” is a song that’s been featured here on THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine in the past (get a free download here), and today it’s back as one of my favorite bands in the “Kindie Scene” (and one with legit indie cred) goes on a big adventure…

THE NOT-IT’S! – “Washington, D.C.” Lyrics

You’ve got all the monuments to see, there’s no one like you Washington, D.C. -have you seen what I mean? Jefferson and Lincoln standing really tall and Martin Luther King they’re hanging at the national mall-at the national mall.

The Smithsonian’s amazing and full of history, you gotta check it out in Washington, D.C. -do you see what I mean? Dinosaurs and fossils, ruby slippers too, I’ll sign the constitution and dream about landing on the moon -I’m gonna land on the moon.

I’ll meet the president. I don’t need an appointment. Hanging on the White House lawn with the Secret Service looking on. Talking foreign policy. Maybe we won’t agree. Then we visit the C.I.A. I introduce myself but they already know my name…

D.C. Do you hear me? D.C. Are You Listening? D.C. Are you tuned in to me?

Find your representative, say what’s on your mind. You can let your voice be heard, but you never have to toe the party line. -yeah just hold up your sign. Stand up for your rights, gather with a scene, you wanna make a change, rearrange in Washington D.C. -now you see what I mean.

D.C. Do you hear me? D.C. Are You Listening? D.C. Are you tuned in to me?

“Washington, D.C.” is available on THE NOT-ITS! sixth studio album, ARE YOU LISTENING?, available now. 

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