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VOLBEAT is one of those bands that has an interesting level of crossover appeal among rock and metal fans. You always run across people you wouldn’t expect to dig ’em, yet they’re all over ’em. Then again, I’ve run across several people that I figured would love some VOLBEAT, and they absolutely can’t stand ’em. Me? I’m in the middle and find them to be overrated and overplayed around these parts (particularly their latest album), but I really like 2010’s BEYOND HELL/ABOVE HEAVEN. If you dig ’em and want to introduce your baby to their music, the folks at Roma Music Group have a new collection out this week to help you do just that. Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: LULLABY VERSIONS OF VOLBEAT hit iTunes today. Check out “Lola Montez” below, along with the full tracklisting and cover art.



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ttlrsvolbeat1. Heaven Nor Hell
2. Cape of Our Hero
3. Fallen
4. The Hangman’s Body Count
5. The Nameless One
6. Lola Montez
7. Pearl Hart
8. Still Counting
9. Dead But Rising
10. A Warrior’s Call
11. The Mirror and the Ripper
12. My Body
13. Sad Man’s Tongue

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star boasts a library of over 140 titles inspired by popular music. Upcoming collections will feature lullaby versions of songs by LOU REED and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, and CHEVELLE.

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