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Today is the day that BATDAD RETURNS. And, when I say “BatDad,” I’m referring to the real BATDAD, not the largely-unfunny imposter that popped up on Vine at some point after the one true BATDAD first appeared. Yes, the guy that stole all of the real BATDAD’s press, not unlike those fake “Batmen” that once popped in Gotham City sporting outfits cobbled together from used sporting goods and tights, doing such a bad job that the real BATMAN had to bail them out and show the true power of THE DARK KNIGHT. After all, everyone knows that the real BATDAD at least has a mask and cowl that envelopes his entire head. In fact, the OG BATDAD first appeared all the way back in May of 2012 via the webseries, MARRIAGE AND OTHER TRAGEDIES (which I featured here on The Rock Father last summer), where he faced-off against such heinous villains as Pinkie Pie from MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, who may have actually been a dastardly pillow pet. Alas, BATDAD RETURNS for a new adventure: BATDAD’S BUELLER KIND OF DAY OFF. Watch it below…

In the spirit of FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, BATDAD (Gregory Abbey) plays hooky from his normal duties to have some much-needed solo adventures without the family. Leisure Rules.


Did you enjoy that? I hope so, and if you did, you can find more right here. Know what else would be good? Some YELLO. Oh Yea…



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