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61j2OuCMGPL. AA125 This past week, Detroit’s BLUE STAHLI released the first chapter of his new album, THE DEVIL (iTunes | Amazon).

To go along with hit, he released a lyric video for “Down In Flames,” which can be viewed below…


“Blue Stahli has always been, and will always be, a multi-genre project ranging from the heavy to the upbeat, to the poppy, to the subdued and to the full on doom. In THE DEVIL I’m fusing my love of big dirty beats, electronics, and cinematic sound design with my lust of huge chainsaw guitar riffs. In addition to making music designed to soundtrack your own personal action movie, the main focus is on strong songwriting with catchy, melodic vocals that get firmly stuck in your head. The entire reason Blue Stahli exists is so people have something to connect with, whether it’s something to make you feel powerful, or an enveloping cathartic atmosphere. Both bandage and weapon, Blue Stahli aims to be your escape and your sledgehammer to break through. This one-man show is electronic rock’n’roll for the end of the world.”BLUE STAHLI

Produced by Klayton (Celldweller) and mixed by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Attack Attack!), THE DEVIL: CHAPTER ONE also features “The Fall.” Look for more new music in the year ahead as THE DEVIL rolls out through FiXT.


Get yourself some BLUE STAHLI below…



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