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The most retro-awesome Christmas video you’ll see this year!

For Christmas 2013, this very special footage has been unearthed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Christmas 1983. Yes, it’s The 30th Anniversary Special Edition of a Christmas from the year that brought us A CHRISTMAS STORY, RETURN OF THE JEDI, CABBAGE PATCH KIDS, THE DISNEY CHANNEL, the CARE BEARS, MY LITTLE PONY, the video debut of MICHAEL JACKSON’S THRILLER and THE A-TEAM. It was a highly influential year for children like myself… kids that are now parents.

My sister and I...For my sister and I (in my days long, long before becoming THE ROCK FATHER), it was a Christmas that brought us toys like STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE’s BIG BERRY TROLLEY, the AT-AT from Kenner’s STAR WARS line (based on THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) and THE MILLENIUM FALCON. It’s also the year that the ATARI 2600 made it’s way under our tree. Check out this footage that was captured on silent, Super 8mm film (shot by my Dad) and transferred to VHS by yours truly in the late 1990s. It was recently converted to DVD by my sister, and now I’ve brought it into the YouTube generation, complete with a new soundtrack, and some not-so-fancy graphics.


On a sidenote, the house featured in this video (in Park Forest, Illinois) is now a dump (like most of that town), but that’s a blog for another day, and oh yes… it’s coming.

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