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brattoncoverCREED BRATTON rocks. From his days as a member of THE GRASS ROOTS to his hilarious version of himself on NBC’s THE OFFICE, Creed has experienced some ups-and-downs in his lifetime, including time spent on the unemployment line. Now, Bratton has released a three-part “audiobiography” entitled, TELL ME ABOUT IT (on iTunes now), and has released a video for “Unemployment Line” to go along with it. Check out the video below, along with some words from Creed about the new song…


We see a lot of finger pointing these days. Everyone is convinced that their lives are the most difficult or that their obstacles are the greatest. They are unlucky and the world owes them. But I’ve seen both sides of the coin. I’ve had good years quickly followed by terrible ones. I have stolen food just to eat. I know what it is like to struggle, and after my meteoric rise as a member of the Grass Roots in the 60s, it was only a few years before I found myself in an unemployment line. This song is written about that moment. It’s about a time that taught me that no one is owed anything. We want and wish, while cursing our neighbor who may have more. But what we have is not as important as the perspective we maintain. I believe we fail to see the real battle buried beneath all the bureaucracy. So, please watch this video and take a few moments to shift your perspective. See the GOOD in people, the value of our connection to one another, and realize that the ailments of an unemployed society are not a result of laziness, they are a product of loneliness.Creed Bratton and Suzi Hofrichter

Curious to learn more about Creed’s latest musical adventures? Watch this so he can tell you about TELL ME ABOUT IT


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