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Watch & Listen: Remember MY BUDDY and KID SISTER? They Just Went METAL…


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Between toys and music – the stuff my girls and I are checking out now, along with all the retro goodness that I tend to get into, a lot of weird stuff crosses our paths and enters our space. Tonight I’ve got a sonic oddity to share, one that takes the 1980s MY BUDDY dolls (the inspiration for “Chucky” of the CHILD’S PLAY movies) and the accompanying KID SISTER that Playskool made, and gives their famous theme a “metal” spin. Check that out below, along with similar treatment given to classic commercials for JUICY FRUIT and SKIP-IT, each made by Shaun Callaghan of GIVE ZOMBIES THE VOTE. It reminds me of LESS THAN JAKE’s TV EP

He should do others, right?

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