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Watch: Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band – “The Siblings Shake” (From RUBY’S STUDIO: THE SIBLINGS SHOW)

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For National Siblings Day, The Mother Company has issued a new music video from their recently-released DVD, RUBY’S STUDIO: THE SIBLING SHOW. Performed by LUCKY DIAZ & THE FAMILY JAM BAND, “The Siblings Shake” can be seen below…

siblingshow“The Siblings Show is a fun, engaging way to help siblings find the love. Sibs will sharpen their skills and learn new tools to resolve conflict, tame jealousy and boost harmony, all while enjoying a day of creative play with beloved show host, Ruby, and her adorable cast of characters. Sibling Skills include: Birth Order Blues – Youngest, oldest, or right in the middle, kids will learn that everyone is unique and has an important role in a family. Working it out – Physical fighting is not OK! Kids will gleen memorable ways to talk it out and explore how to share, take turns and feel seen, heard and loved. Each Family is Unique – Celebration of families in all forms including adoption, blended families, and other common ways that families come together. Preparing for a New Baby – Explores the excitement often felt in the anticipation of a new sibling while also offering tools to help children address the challenges of this life-changing arrival. Find the Love! – Get up and dance in this hand-clapping, hip bumping music video that celebrates the fun siblings share together.”

Check out a full trailer for the new DVD:

RUBY’S STUDIO: THE SIBLINGS SHOW is available now from the official site, or Amazon.com.

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