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Watch: MISTA COOKIE JAR’s Nostalgic Music Video, “My My My”

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Is it live, or is it MEMOREX? Today, MISTA COOKIE JAR unleashes “My My My,” the first music video from his brand-new EP, 3’S A CHARM. The video is a look back at his family, and it’s best intro’d complete with a Memorex nod from the man himself. CJ, take it away…

“In the dawning era of selfies, smart phones, Instagram, JPEGs, GIFs, and that urge always there to ‘Memorex’ (I know, it’s dated) all the moments of our children’s lives– simply because we can– my family band and I have taken it upon ourselves to delve through the hard drives, mobile uploads, online albums, and even the dusty “real” ones to curate for all to see this music video, a glimpse into 13-some-odd years of our family life. It’s in remembrance of the beauty a photograph could hold in a moment, the rediscovering of those moments, and the desire to reclaim it back from the impending typhoon of too much information. Mostly though, it’s in celebration of the growing love in a family unit. Our family unit. The Chocolate Chips. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy!” Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips


Available now on Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp.
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