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Sorry, MARVEL. Despite my massive love for the MARVEL Cinematic Universe and all the care that my friends at Disney have been putting into their big screen adaptations, when it comes to comics, I grew up a DC kid. SUPERMAN and BATMAN were always my favorites as a kid, and they’re still my favorites today. That said, following a cellphone leak of a subtitled trailer ahead of Monday’s special IMAX event, Warner Bros has taken appropriate measures with the official online release of the first teaser for BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. With Henry Cavill reprising his role as the MAN OF STEEL, and Ben Affleck picking up the cowl as THE DARK KNIGHT, the film sets the stage for the forthcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Based on the two minutes seen here – I like it. I enjoy the darkness… the bleakness… and the way that Director Zack Snyder continues the path carved by his first SUPERMAN effort by emphasizing the foreign – alien – nature of Kal-El. Borrowing from Christopher Nolan’s Bat-world, remember when Harvey Dent pointed out that “the night is always darkest just before dawn?” I think that applies here. Take a look…

Stay tuned for more on BATMAN v SUPERMAN as I have it…

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