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Until yesterday, I was not aware of “The Geekie Awards,” but back in 2013 Stan “The Man” Lee took home the Lifetime Achievement Award and penned a song called “Ode to Geeks” to celebrate the occasion. Two years later we have the debut of a music video for that song, put to music by George Shaw, Composer and Musical Director for The Geekie Awards, and sung by a “Virtual Choir” from around the internet. Check out the video below, presented by Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

“Ode to Geeks” by Stan Lee (to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

Let us praise those who are geeks
and pity those who aren’t.
We’re a very special clique
all else is just abhorrent.

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Only geeks know what is in,
that’s why we’re so admired.
You could hear geeks speak all day
and never once be tired.

That’s why I’m so proud tonight
because I’m with my peers.
All of those who aren’t geeks
are crying in their beers.

So here’s a toast to all things geek,
so hip, so in, so clever.
My heart is filled,
I can’t speak, but I’ll be geek forever.

 Want more? Check out Stan Lee’s World of Heroes on YouTube.

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