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Now here’s an ad that gets it right. The UK faction of Volkswagen is currently airing a new commercial for their ‘Polo’ (don’t think it’s a stateside car just yet) that presents a father actually taking a role in his daughter’s life from birth onward… without being a fool. I’ve gotta give my friend Mike credit for posting this one on Facebook, as I probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Take a look below:


It’s also worth noting that Subaru has a commercial that’s been running in the ‘States for awhile that also features a good Dad, but Volkswagen just nailed it. Check out that Subaru ad:


The only problem I have with the Volkswagen ad is that the Dad buys his daughter a new car. I doubt I’ll be purchasing either of my kids a brand-new car, unless by some fluke I’m rich 15 years down the line. My first car was a used 1984 Ford that lasted six months (every Ford product I’ve ever owned has had issues), and I paid $1500 for it myself.

–Grumpy 35-year-old Man 

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