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What Are the Dangers of a Broken Furnace?


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One of the most important parts and appliances of any home continues to be the furnace, which is the primary heating source for households all over the country. While a normal furnace is designed to last between 15 and 20 years, it will eventually break down and could be far less effective. If your furnace is broken, it is important to have it repaired as soon as you can, as a broken furnace comes with a variety of different dangers.

Fire Safety

The furnace in your home can create a significant amount of energy that is then used to heat the air in your property. In fact, through a process known as normalizing, the heat in your furnace can get so hot that it reaches as high as 1700 degrees. While the heat in the furnace is designed to be properly controlled, when it starts to break down the overall heat created may cause hazards. A broken furnace could end up causing a fire in your home, which could pose some very serious safety hazards. By having the furnace serviced regularly and having the filters replaced on time, you can help to avoid this danger.

Carbon Monoxide

Most people today are aware of the significant safety hazards that can come with carbon monoxide poisoning. If you breathe in too much, it can be extremely hazardous and even be life-threatening. While it is important that you have carbon monoxide detectors located throughout your home, keeping your furnace in good working order can also help you avoid this risk. A furnace that is past its useful life and is starting to wear down can actually start to emit carbon monoxide. As it is completely odorless and tasteless, it can cause serious concern. Due to this, you should always keep a carbon monoxide detector located near your furnace and have it checked out regularly to ensure it is not omitting any of this dangerous gas.

Financial Burden

Another reason that a broken furnace can cause challenges for a property owner is that it can create a significant financial burden. While you are living alone, with a spouse or you are among one of the 5.5 million couples in the United States living together, the cost associated with a broken furnace can create significant financial challenges.

To start, when a furnace starts to break down, it will become less efficient. This could cause your energy bills to rise to much higher levels. When this occurs, you may want to replace the furnace entirely. However, you will quickly find that the cost of replacing the entire furnace is also quite cost-prohibitive. Due to this, keeping up with repair and maintenance with your furnace could be a good decision that will help you manage your finances better.

Freezing Pipes

While a furnace in your home can help to keep the air in your home warm, it will also help to keep the water in your pipes warm as well. Once the air outside drops below the freezing point, it will cause water in your pipes to start to freeze. If the water is sealed off and not moving through the pipes, it can start to freeze rather quickly. When this occurs, the water will expand and can cause pipes to burst. This could then lead to massive water damage in all areas of your home. If your furnace is working, it can help to keep the pipes warm and allow you to avoid this damage.

A furnace in your home can help to keep you safe and warm. While a furnace can provide a lot of safety and value when it is working well, a broken furnace actually comes with a variety of risks and concerns. There are several dangers of a broken furnace that you should be aware of. Due to these dangers, it is important to have your furnace inspected and repaired regularly to ensure it continues to operate safely.

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