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My Daddy says that there should be more movies like EARTH TO ECHO. He says that the little guy reminds him of E.T. I watched E.T. once, and Daddy has a statue of him in his office that plays music when you push a button. Echo is soooo cute, but he was so scared when his spaceship landed in the movie. Last week, Echo came to live with us for awhile and he has a twin who is also called Echo. Mommy and Daddy told me and Finley that there are many creatures like Echo, and that they all live together on some other planet that is far away from Earth. Did you know that Earth spins around every day? That’s how we have day and night and that’s so cool! The moon comes out to see us every night, except for when it’s cloudy and we can’t see him smiling at us.


Finn and I have each adopted our Echo, and he sometimes rides with us in a backpack. He even came with us to the doctor’s office this week because I was sick and had a fever. He rode the elevator, and he’d never done that before.


Echo likes to know how much we love him, and likes to snuggle. He even likes family naps in the afternoon. And he likes that “Dangerous” BIG DATA song.


This post was crafted by five-year-old Addie, as told to a grownup. EARTH TO ECHO is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Thanks to the FHE Insiders Crew for sending Echo and his twin our way. 

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