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Why Do You Sleep? I Sleep to Rock and Play

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Sleep is a mysterious thing. Sometimes just can’t get enough of it, while other times you can feel like you’ve done too much. There have been times in my life where I managed to function on very little of it. In fact, I can even remember my first day on a new job, walking in to start a 5am shift when the guy training me said something to the effect of “Did you sleep well last night?” My response surprised him: “Actually, I haven’t slept yet. I will when I get off work.” It was a lifetime ago, but the reason for my lack of rest was that I’d played a gig with my band just hours before. As a parent, the whole “rock and roll lifestyle” just doesn’t cut it anymore, and I’ve become aware of my sleep habits, and have been trying to make the most of having proper rest. Lately, the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor has been a part of that.


Even though I’m often wrangling the girls, I’ve long had a habit of staying up until about 2am, then being back up around 6:30am when my wife leaves for work. It’s not enough sleep, so I’ve altered things. With the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor, you can turn your bed into a “smart bed” by plugging the “brain” into a wall outlet, and placing the sensors between the mattress and box spring/frame. Since it comes with two sensors, we’ve got both sides of the bed set-up so my wife and I can both monitor our sleeping habits.

A month into this, I’m surprised how good I’m actually sleeping – possibly just because I’m mindful of it. The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor gives us daily updates via app and email that tell us about our total sleep, REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep patterns. It even monitors heart and breathing rate! The best part? I don’t have to wear anything.


Last week, my Sleep Score was 91. Last night, it was 78. Things change. I can monitor progress, understand what things mean, and then react to fix any issues.

The main thing is that #ISleepTo take care of my kids, but proper rest can also have a big impact on personal health, which is something that I’m always working on. When I’m well-rested, I’m ready to rock for the day… and sometimes it ends in a night where the kids don’t want to let me sleep.


Want to get your routine in order? Learn more and get your own Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor at the official site!

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