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Your TV Has Been Hijacked: New Book Throws Down Some Toddler Truths…

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I’ve not read anything by author Dawn Dais yet, but after an announcement about her latest book was slid into my inbox here at Rock Father HQ today, I figured I had to at least give it a mention. You see, when I looked at the chapter titles, I realized that this is a book I could’ve written – so Dawn must be legit when it comes to sage advice on parenting. THE SH!T NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT TODDLERS: A Guide to Surviving the Toddler Years is out September 8 via Seal Press – a sequel to her 2013 book about SH!T from newborns. Check out the chapters below, and see if anything strikes you as familiar…

Look at this...Chapters from the book:
  • You Are Living With a Terrorist. Do Not Make Any Sudden Movements
  • Your TV Has Been Hijacked. By Things With Very High Pitched Voices
  • You Suck At This. It’s Not Just Your Imagination
  • Remember When You Were A Respected Adult? Now You Go To Mommy and Me Classes
  • Playdates Are the Modern Day Arranged Marriage. Same Age? You’ll Love Playing Together!
  • Potty Training is the Sh!ts. And It’s Everywhere
  • Everything Is Temporary. You Will Survive This
  • This Childhood Will Be Televised. Hello Camera Phones
  • Let’s Lean Back, Not In. Who Has the Energy for So Much Ambition?

Pre-order Dawn’s new book via my associate, Amazon.

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