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Allies in Battle for an Endless War… A ‘Cold’ War?

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THE ROCK FATHER has created this post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are that of James Zahn. #ZicamCrowd

Growing up in the 1980s made for an interesting time. Outside of school, much of my time was spent playing, and in the midst of that play – there were many “wars” to be fought, and the popular toys of the era made it easy to take sides and establish alliances for the glory of battle. At the same time, while I engaged in much strategy and adventure among the stars, in worlds of fantasy, and in pitting giant robots against one another all while fighting the forces of fictional terrorist organizations branded with catchy acronyms. It was all a reflection of the real world around us – I just didn’t know it. The Cold War had already been raging for decades – a situation where two forces had each other in a position of standoff that occasionally led to escalated tensions. Now, as a parent in 2017, it’s more than apparent that The Cold War is back… but it’s a different type of “cold” war, and the participants in this battle are members of the same family.

Loading the truck
Let’s just pretend this guy just rolled in with some Zicam®, and now he’s gonna load up the truck.

Unfortunately, in war, there are many battles to be fought, and at times there’s no clear winner. Sometimes, the a real “win” comes by cutting losses – shortening the battle to continue forward advances. In a “cold war,” the parties involved tend to have to still deal with each other on a daily basis, trading barbs, but just having to put up with it. This is where it’s like our situation here at home – parent vs. child in a cold war that rages, with our children constantly bringing who-knows-what into the house from the germ-infested fortresses where they spend much of the week… school. Immune systems are weakened, and that means choosing the right allies in battle… for me, Zicam® is a strong one, and their Zicam® Cold Remedy ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals are a powerful weapon in a growing arsenal that they’ve been providing.

I’m just gonna pretend that it’s up to these fine gentlemen to deliver the shipment to Rock Father HQ.

Much of Christmas break was spent with two sick little girls here, and it overlapped into the first days of January. When it rubs off on mommy and daddy, the first sign of a cold means it’s time for Zicam® ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals. They shorten the duration of a cold when taken at the first sign – and the beautiful thing is that there’s no water required. Taking a homeopathic Berry Lemonade (with Elderberry) flavored packet every 4-6 hours can help you “get your better back™ faster – moving from “pre-cold” (itchy nose, body aches, runny nose) to no-cold quicker. Our kids depend on us to be there for them, and that means being healthy. I can’t let a cold get in the way.

I need to be able to be running with the kids – as it should be! Plus, I still have other battles to fight… and yes, I still play with toys. You are aware of that, right?

The Rock Father plays with toys...
My friend, Carol, captured this shot. Usually people just ask “Is he okay?”

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