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Holiday Running: Chasing Something that Can’t Be Caught, Fighting Something that Can…


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Have you ever had the feeling that you’re constantly chasing something that can’t be caught? It took me years to figure it out, but it finally hit me a few weeks ago that I have been. I’ve been chasing a feeling of holiday magic that I’ve hoped to recapture from my youth, but it can’t be recaptured. Now, the holidays are a time for my wife and I to help our daughters experience that magic – something to be cherished, as it’s never the same once you grow up. While a moment of clarity has come over my adult quest to catch that spirit once more, the one thing I can catch is a cold, and for that I’m always fighting! Our family has places to go and people to see, and when you have to rock the holidays over and over again, the worst thing to do is to let yourself get sick for very long.  Zicam® Cold Remedy Medicated Fruit Drops help me get back on my game faster to ensure that #RockFatherSanta is always ready to go!

The Rock Father is a rockin'

Pictured: My idea of a perfect holiday at home. The stockings are hung near a beautiful tree…

After becoming a parent, I’ve long-held the ideal that our holidays should be spent here at home – after all, there’s that whole “Home for the Holidays” jingle that easily gets stuck in your head throughout the season. Unfortunately, and I don’t think these words will fall on unfamiliar ears, our family has, like many, become split over the years. Because of this, November and December become a constant race from one thing to the next, with various factions of the family planting a flag on every weekend between Halloween and New Year’s. It makes it very difficult to create new traditions with our own children, and the constant running from place to place means that our kids spend more time than they should sitting in the back seat of a car. It’s hard on them, and it’s hard on the grownups. You get run-down, and the cold creeps in. We have to be healthy not only for ourselves, but for our kids.

Zicam Medicated Cold Drops

At the first sign of a cold, which tends to hit me in the nose and throat, I reach for the Zicam®. While I’ve long-been a fan of their Nasal Swabs, I do love the new Zicam® Medicated Fruit Drops. The homeopathic Drops taste good, and like other Zicam® Cold Remedy products, when taken at the first sign of a cold, they’re clinically-proven to help shorten it. After all, there is no cure for a cold, but with Zicam®, you can “get your better back™” quicker! Plus, if you’re like me and love the Nasal Swabs, you can use Zicam oral and nasal products together.

While a kid should never have a sick parent (and let’s face it, it does happen), the best thing we can do is get back up to speed as fast as we can. While I might not be able to catch that feeling of holiday magic for myself, you can bet I’ll always be looking to make sure my girls can…

The Rock Daughters with Santa 

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