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The Bitter Revenge of Punxsutawney Phil and His Sinister Weather Machine…

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THE ROCK FATHER™ has created this post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are that of James Zahn. #ZicamCrowd

Ah yes, the wonders of Spring. The clocks have been set ahead… the grass is starting to green… the tulips and daffodils have begun to poke their fingers through the soil as the birds have returned and started to sing. But there’s a bit of an issue here this year. As I mentioned last month, that dirty groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, emerged from his evil lair with news that he was planning to punish us this year. “A long winter,” he declared, sentencing us to an additional six weeks of cold. Given that our winter was relatively mild this year, the Chicago-area famously snow-less in January/February (we hit 70°!) – something that hadn’t happened in over a century, it was easy to write Phil off as giving a “typical cartoon villain speech.” And then the snow came in March. As the rodent put forth a jubilant “victory laugh” from within his underground bunker, the humans above were faced with mountains of fresh powder. It was an act of revenge by a vermin, one who’s been mocked for his weather predictions allegedly being right less than 50% of the time. No one knew that he’d built a Weather Machine in his basement. His vile actions would now result in travel disruptions, and new battles against an old foe: The Common Cold.

Zicam - The Rock Father

As I mentioned last month, I’d taken a bit of a break from travel this winter, my wife and I both agreeing that I may have overdone it a bit in 2016. Of course now, with snow on the ground, I’m set for my first work trip of the year, heading to San Francisco later this month for a massive adventure (stay tuned!). My problem is that I’m notorious for having colds, particularly centered around my travels. Being trapped in those flying tubes is not a good thing, and I never want to be “that guy” you see in the airport – the one that swiftly navigates the crowd while wearing a surgical mask (seriously, I see a guy like this every time). After all, there is no known product that can prevent a cold, but I can fight it – and as many of you know, Zicam® is my go-to. As they say, it can help you “get your better back™” faster, and that’s important since there’s no down time when I travel. My family counts on me to be well, and I need to be able to jump right back into the groove here at home.


Of all the products that they make, Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs are my favorite (my wife is even a huge fan), delivering Zicam’s zinc-free, plant-based homeopathic formula in a proprietary swab form to provide multi-symptom cold relief. They can reduce the symptom severity by 45% by the mid-point of a cold when taken at symptom onset (the first sign of a cold).

Now, if only they could help me fight that vicious Groundhog so that I could “get my weather back” faster.

See the full range of Zicam® products and get valuable coupons at Zicam.com

Groundhog Image Credit: FreeImages.co.uk

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